BIOREFINE.ORG is a multi-year resource development project to shorten the window between concept and implementation of projects that harness biomass resources. will contain:

  • Current data, strategic guidance, mapping and networking capabilities
  • At least 100 articles about biomass feedstocks, aggregation practices, conversion technologies and end products
  • A new set of white papers or policy analysis fact sheets

The basis for this resource is, a static website published by the Energy Center in 2004. has been retired and its resources are now part of this website.

What is biorefining?

APR Virtual Tour

The Energy Center of Wisconsin has created a virtual tour of the world's first demonstration system capable of converting sugar into power.

The tour introduces the Aqueous Phase Reforming (APR) technology developed by Virent Energy Systems, Inc., of Madison, Wisconsin.

Biorefining is similar in concept to the petroleum refining industry, except that local, renewable biomass materials are the feedstocks rather than crude oil.

This website introduces biorefining processes that can transform low-value biobased feedstocks into multiple, higher-value biobased products.

By applying new technology to extract the full economic value from our biobased resources, biorefining in Wisconsin will:

  • reduce waste streams
  • create new jobs and businesses
  • boost rural economies
  • create valuable products from local, renewable biomass resources
  • reduce our dependence on fossil fuels
  • lower our greenhouse gas emissions
  • generate wealth for our state

This website is a tool to help industry, agriculture, technology developers, and business supporters in Wisconsin pursue biorefining opportunities.